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There are many newspapers in Nigeria and most of them do have an online presence where you can easily access them from around the world . Yes, Nigerian newspapers are online as you can access from wherever you are. This website consists of a listing of some of these newspaper houses that offer both print and digital version of Nigerian news.

You can get to know what's happening in Nigeria by simply staying subscribed to these Nigerian news sources. Get to read the daily news reports from these news website.

Newspapers are an important medium for staying informed about a country and our listing comprises of the most popular news sources from Nigeria. You can get to know breaking news as it happens and know important events even before they happen. Information is key for making decisions and you can always get the right information by staying with a reliable news source.

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The Sun

The Sun newspaper publishes the daily and weekly sun newspapers. It is fashioned after the popular British Sun newspaper.


It's among the most prestigious news houses in Nigeria. The Guardian has a good name and long history with it followed by objective news reporting


Stay with the right news source when you are with the Vanguard. This newspaper giant has a stable history with it and is available on the web, mobile and paper.

The Punch

The Punch is available on paper, web and mobile. You can get to read what's happening in the Nigerian society by connecting to the Punch.

This Day

Don't wait tomorrow to read what is happening today. Thisday tends to report to you news events as they happen without slowing you down.
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